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Johnston Madvac PS300

The Madvac PS300 from Johnston represents the ultimate in sweeping technology.

The no-jam fan design means that nothing comes into contact with the fan, so large and awkward items - such as string or plastic bags - that jam fans on other machines are picked up easily with no risk of damage. This means optimum efficiency at all times and no costly repairs.

A self-leveling brush/nozzle system combines with a 1.2m sweeping swathe for unparalleled sweeping ability even on uneven surfaces. There’s also a water/disinfectant spray jet system that cleans soiled surfaces and removes animal waste hygienically into a separate sealed container. The patented straight through suction system compacts litter as it goes.

Low Emissions - No Dust - Less risk

The economical, low emission Kubota diesel engine delivers high suction performance at lower engine speeds - making the PS300 a quiet, efficient machine. Running at up to 10.5 km/h (6.5 mph) for up to 8 hours on a single 10 litre tank of fuel, the Madvac PS300 enables longer uninterrupted shifts for higher productivity. Dust is made up of contaminants including lead, fungi, toxins and bacteria such as salmonella and E-coli. With 8 micron filtration - and a 2-micron option - the Madvac PS300's dust-free filtration system is proven to protect operators and pedestrians alike from exposure to hazardous substances contained in dust.

Independent tests have shown that the Madvac PS300 captures up to 27 times more inhalable dust than and over 9 times more bacteria* than a comparable competitor machine - so no face masks are required for the operation of this sweeper. No water is required for normal operation, though 50 litres of water are available for excessively dusty environments, to apply a disinfectant solution and for fire prevention.

Optional equipment includes:

2.44 meter wander-hose for hard to reach areas; hydraulic lift/lower of brushes and nozzle; fold and stow, ride-on seat complete with mirrors; sealed dog excrement system; voice messaging system and hydraulic side dump system.

Outline Specification
Engine: Low-emission Kubota Z482-E twin cylinder diesel, liquid-cooled 479-cc. 10.4kW. Electric starter.
Transmission: Hydrostatic drive system. Piston pump with infinitely variable displacement in both forward and reverse. Two wheel motors.
Vacuum system: Patented straight-through suction. No debris comes into contact with the fan.
Dust filtration: 2 stage filtration. A fibrous bag (kevlar lining for hydraulic side dump option) and 8 micron heavy duty washable filters (2 micron option).
Brake system: Dynamic braking on hydrostatic transmission. Hand-operated parking brake with automotive-type disc brakes on drive wheels.
Ground speed: Infinitely variable speed from 0 to 10.5km/h in forward and 0 to 5km/h in reverse. Right and left-handed speed controls.
Length: 2515 mm Width: 864 mm
Height: 1118 mm Weight: 520 kg
Water capacity: 50 litres Collection capacity: 150 litres
Sweeping swathe: 1200 mm Brush diameter: Two 457 mm brushes


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