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Scarab Minor Road Sweeper

The Scarab Minor VM Hydrostatic Sweeper is one of the most powerful compact urban road and precinct sweepers, incorporating the latest in technology and design. Fitted with the VM Motori 3.0 litre turbo charged diesel engine, with indirect injection, meeting and exceeding the Euro IV regulations, this engine reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The Scarab hydrostatic drive system gives the vehicle a travel speed of 65 kph and a gradeability of 25% (1 in 4). The hydraulic drive is controlled by a proven electronic system that optimises the engine power, to give very smooth acceleration/deceleration and variable governed engine speed for sweeping with the additional benefit of cruise control. The machine is mounted on a 3500 kg G.V.W. sprung chassis. The standard vehicle comes with fully equipped cab, power steering and servo-assisted brakes. Technical innovation and advanced design make the Scarab Minor an extremely versatile compact urban/precinct sweeper, capable of undertaking most arduous sweeping tasks including those normally undertaken by larger truck mounted sweepers.

Scarab Minor Technical Specifications  

CHASSIS: The Scarab Minor VM chassis has been designed specifically for sweeper applications and constructed from high tensile steel channel section to withstand the abuse of operation under the most severe conditions. Fully sprung with shock absorbers and anti-roll bars on both front and rear axles. Fitted with single front wheels and twin rear wheels, giving the chassis a very low footprint loading when operating on paving slabs and other surfaces. Power steering and servo disc brakes front, drum rear are standard equipment.

FRONT AXLE: The heavy duty front axle is a steel 'I' beam rigid steer axle, with a design load of 1670 kg fitted with wheel hubs mounted on taper roller bearings and needle bearings on the king pins.

REAR AXLE: The heavy duty rear axle has a design load of 2850 kg, and is fitted with fully floating hubs and hypoid differential with a ratio of 5.13 : 1

BRAKES: Servo assisted hydraulic vertical split layout, incorporating load apportioning valve on rear axle. Cable operated parking brake to rear wheels. (276 mm front disc brakes and (254 mm x 70 mm drum brakes on rear.

WHEELS AND TYRES: Front axle single 14 x 5.5 J 6 stud wheels with 195R14 tubeless radial tyres. Rear axle twin 14 x 5.5 J 6 stud wheels with 195R14 tubeless radial tyres.

CAB: The fully appointed custom cab is manufactured from corrosion resistant steel, is rubber mounted and sound insulated, including gas spring assisted tilt mechanism and safety prop to afford easy access to the engine for servicing. Fitted with cloth covered adjustable driver's seat and cloth covered passenger seat. Laminated windscreen, sliding windows and glazed lower panel in doors.

EQUIPMENT: The custom cab is equipped with 2 rear view mirrors - 2 sweeping mirrors - Self parking pantograph windscreen wiper with washers - Steering column mounted controls for indicators, horn, headlights flash, dip and main beam, side lights, hazard lights and wash-wipe - Ergonomically designed instrument panel containing gauges for fuel, coolant temperature, warning lights, sweeping controls - Scarab sweeping monitor that indicates engine operating hours, engine speed, sweeping speed, sweeping hours, swept distance and travel speed - Fresh air heater and ventilation system - Ashtray - Drivers sun visor - Driver and passenger inertia-reel seat belts - Interior light - Toolbox under seat - Stereo radio cassette player etc.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Fully colour coded, negative earth - 12 volt 66 Ah maintenance free battery - 85 amp Alternator - 2.2kW starter motor. System fully protected with fuses situated in the cab for easy access. Full road lighting with reverse bleeper - rotating beacon - brake lights, etc.

ENGINE: VM Motori 3.0 litre 494 HT4 series diesel engine with turbocharger and indirect injection meeting the latest Euro IV regulations, ensuring reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, yet can develop 68.5 kW at 3200 rpm. The VM engine to suit the Scarab application has a capacity of 2996 cc with a maximum torque of 230 Nm at 1900 rpm

TRANSMISSION: Scarab designed, continuously variable hydrostatic transmission with the hydraulic pumps coupled direct to engine. The hydraulic motor driving the rear axle via a propeller shaft. The vehicle speed is controlled by a single electronic foot pedal via an electronic processor, which accurately matches the engine speed to the hydrostatic drive, ensuring smooth acceleration and maximum economy. The drive system has 2 modes, as above for driving, and a sweeping mode that enables the engine rpm to be set for the brush and suction fan drive. The foot pedal then only controls the vehicle sweeping speed by the hydrostatic system. The Scarab Minor VM is fitted with an anti-stall device to prevent overloading the engine. Forward and reverse is selected by a single control lever. For extra driver comfort whilst sweeping a cruise control is fitted.

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